Katherine Pezzano
February 2013

“Alex worked on two different client projects with By Katherine Designs. He was able to take my custom designed pieces on paper (a custom fireplace mantel and a custom sofa niche) and produce them to my exact expectations (which are very high.) ;) I am excited to have Alex in my select group of contractors I refer to clients and call myself when I am in need of either custom pieces or a build out.”

September 2012

“We hired Sunrise Construction to build a 14'x24' addition in a coastal region known for stringent building codes. 

Starting with a site assessment and 3D solid model rendering, Alex proceeded to involve us during all phases of construction. He gladly adapted to our requests for changes mid-project and was a teacher along the way, explaining what he was doing and why. 

The Building Inspector took one look at the framing and exclaimed: "The state should add this to our list of emergency hurricane shelters." adding that it was great to see someone who sweats the details and does it right. 

In the end, we've received nothing but positive comments from neighbors, including those in the trades. Highly recommended”

2005- present
We have used Alex for about a half a dozen jobs, for both large and small home and business renovations. He has repaired a crumbling bathroom ceiling, fixed a leaking skylight, rebuilt the outdoor staircase to our doorway, installed a new custom front door, re-shingled our business building's south face roof, replaced an ageing atrium door, and installed a new casement window and finished inside and out. His workmanship is solid, careful
and thorough. He pays close attention to detail and is great about communicating any concern or questions that come up in the course of the job.
He keeps his schedule and completes projects on time. Alex is a skilled, intelligent and responsible carpenter and will continue to use his services in
the on coming years.

Roger F. 1/30/2015

I have know Alex for seven years. He has done a number of home improvements projects for us. He laid down three rooms of red oak floor  boards and installed red oak trim in those rooms.  Alex also  laid a red oak flooring on a landing. I had some rot in several places on the out side of my house.  Alex ripped off the cedar clapboards and plywood, insolated some areas, and replaced the plywood and red cedar clapboards.  Trim boards were replaced, and a number of gutter standoffs were installed. I had a rotted sky lite replaces which was no easy job. Because the new sky lite would not fit the space, Alex went above the call of duty and tracked down a company that would make a custom sky lite to fit. I am very pleased on how that job came out.  Alex is a very hard worker and pays attention to details. His jobs always came in on budget, also very punctual. Besides these projects there have been a number of others that he has done for us. This guy does an A ONE job and takes pride in what he does. Alex was easy to work with and had great ideas and recommendations.  

Jason K. 2/1/2015

Alex is a pro.  Easy to deal with, reliable and delivers impeccable quality.  He has a ton of experience and it shows in his work. I trust him to do anything and recommend him to all of my friends.  All-around great guy too!

Jan M. 1/30/2015

We hired Sunrise Construction to do major upgrades and renovations to our Historic Victorian Cottage in Manchester, CT. Their quality of work, professionalism, and craftsmanship are unequaled. If I were to need any other construction work in the future I would look nowhere else.  Type your paragraph here.

Unknown 1/30/2015

Amazing work. Alex has been outstanding in all of the projects that he has done for us over the years. His craftsmanship is like no other and he comes to us immediately if there are any issues or problems that arise.

Unknown 2/2/2015

Alex he has done a number of jobs for us. Some of them have been pretty complicated, installing window whose size is no longer made. He has always done great work from start to finish. He is very talented and professional and the final project has always looked great. He sticks to his project bid and timeline and leaves everything in good shape.


D.J. 2/3/2015

From foundations to cabinetry Sunrise Construction is my go-to contractor for my 1840s Greek Revival.  They have done everything for me: drawing up detailed plans for submission, electrical work, plumbing, roofing, sheetrock, Corian installation, gutters, porches, the whole nine yards.

The devil is in the details, and Alex is on top of them.  His experience with historical buildings and his fine craftsmanship have raised the finished level of my house inside and out.  Alex has done windows, mantels, handrails, floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as building a new 14’ x 20’ finished screened porch, and replacing the framing and decking on a 5’ x 50’ wraparound porch.  And when the big jobs are done, he will work down a bullet list of those little jobs that nag every homeowner. 

Alex takes the time to listen to the client, discuss options, and cost out alternatives in terms of materials and labor.  Sunrise Construction does it all and at competitive prices.  Give them a call.

M. J. 2015

Visionary, great attention to detail, great communication about the whole project, reliability, would recommend and would definitely call for all construction needs!

Eric R. 1/30/2015
5 Stars!



Sunrise Construction has performed a variety of renovation projects on my house, including but not limited to the instillation of wood flooring, interior and storm doors, and trim work. I definitely would hire sunrise Construction for projects in the future again and can recommend their work quality and ethics. 

Alex did a wonderful job for us in 2008 converting some wasted space into a handsome entry way closet in
our 130 year old farmhouse. We started with a concept which Alex quickly understood and converted into a simple and tasteful design which addressed our wishes and satisfied our needs that we had not yet imagined.

 Alex's craftsmanship and careful use of material brought this project to life. We had some old doors which he
worked into the plan. He also created some beaded moldings to match the original materials in the adjoining area. in one situation, he switched the light fixtures to put one with more character into a more prominent location. His work included demolition (done with care and cleaned up after each day), instillation of windows, carpentry, electrical work and flooring. We love the work that he did; aesthetically, it blends with the rest of the house. It also works very well functionally and we have received many compliments from our

Having lived with the job for years now, we continue to be very pleased with all aspects of the work. We
still hire Alex for our renovation work on our house. We know that we will get highly skilled craftsmanship, thoughtful design and problem solving, careful attention to detail a fair price and a pleasant and interesting worker to have
on site.

Tara S. 4/19/2019

Sunrise Construction is, by far, the BEST construction company! VERY professional, punctual, returns ALL calls, and addresses all concerns!!! Alex is easy to work with and comes up with great ideas! ... and he is hands on working hard to get the job done! The prices are reasonable too. I can’t say enough. We are over-the-top happy to have found this guy! 6 stars for sure!

Matt H. 3/8/2015

Alex was professional and his quality if work speaks for itself.  He turned our tiny lake house kitchen with a bungalow feel in to a vaulted kitchen that opened up the house  and dramatically changed the lighting in the living areas.  More importantly to my wife and I at the time,  we were on a strict project budget.  Sunrise construction not only worked with us, in my opinion went above and beyond other contractors in the area.  We still get complements to this day.  They also took the time to answer all of my wife's questions and helped her feel comfortable with everything. I wouldn't have any negative comment if some one told me they were thinking about calling Sunrise for their next project.

Linda S. 2/6/2019

My husband and I finally decided to have a wood floor installed in our home after many years of carpet. We contacted Sunrise Construction to take a look at the job as he was referred from a friend. We felt totally comfortable with Alex the owner, after meeting with him and discussing flooring options. We liked his price and  explanation of the process of the install. Alex and his assistant Craig left a clean space each day, which was important to us and they answered questions related to other issues we had at the house. The floors came out great! and I’m so happy we decided to go with Sunrise Construction to the point that we have recommended them as well to other neighbors and friends. Sunrise Construction would be an excellent choice for any home project, thanks again for the beautiful work guys!

Eric L.  2/12/2015

Alex, the owner of Sunrise Construction, came highly recommended to me by my interior/exterior decorator.  I had him do several projects around my house and found him to be highly competent and meticulous at the same time. 
I plan on having him back to do several more projects in the coming months. 
I highly recommend Sunrise Construction to anyone who is in need of either renovation work to their homes or any type of new construction project such as building a porch, patio, entranceway, or custom storage closets. 

04/04/2013 – Kate Donnelly

When the wind and rain was finally too much to take, Alex came to our home to give us a quote for the window. He researched many window companies to try to find a matching size. Since he could not, he gave us various options of windows we could use and the cost for the work he would have to do. We waited quite awhile to get back with him. He was kind enough to come again to review our options. It took him several trips to install the window to properly and finish it to perfectly match the other windows. 
During one of these visits he helped us come up with a plan for other needed repairs.
His work was excellent and very professional.

Description of work:

My house is showing signs of age and needs many repairs. We have used Sunrise Construction many times for a myriad of jobs. This last one was to replace a leaking casement window. It was a pain of a job, the window size from the original job was no longer available. It had to match a dozen other casement windows in height. Alex was able to install a beautiful new sliding window that perfectly matched the others. He installed trim that covered the difference in height.

Alex has also fixed a leaky skylight, replaced a roof, installed new doors among other jobs. I wish we had a more substantive job for him, maybe someday we'll redo that bathroom.

The work is impeccable, price is right, very professional.